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Police Officers: Mandatory classes to handle animal situations non lethally

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September 3, 2012 one of my dogs were killed by a police officer. He was a 4 year old blue nose pit we had officially adopted from a friend. We had him over numerous times with no problems, he played with the neighborhood kids and his only enemy was the lawn mower. On that labor day, Shadow poked his head through a hole in our fence because our neighbors dog was barking at him. Shadow had no intention of attacking he just wanted to play. Our neighbors decided that instead of telling us our dog was sticking his head through a hole in the fence they called one of their police friends. They told the officer he was attacking their children, but ironically there were no children outside nor injured by Shadow. I have also heard that the neighbors told the officer that we were raising 4 full blooded pit bulls to fight them, though we were never confronted about that issue. I myself was told by two of the neighbors who were sisters two different stories about why they called the cops, while they were standing right next to eachother. The cop responded to the call walked into the back yard with the neighbors dad and his grandson, into a contained area with Shadow. Shadow came through the fence to play and the officer fired four rounds. The first one either missed or just barely hit his back leg (we are unsure because there was no hole in sShadows leg) the second shot was in Shadow's back as he tried to run away, the third was in the stomach and fourth was the fatal shot to the head. We were unable to retrieve Shadow's body, we could not get alhold of the animal shelter who took him or the animal control officer who took his body away. We are not the only case there are many stories out there. Take a look on facebook, more of our story is at and there are stories of others posted on our wall. Please help make it mandatory that all police officers through out this nation learn to handle animal situations without lethal force. We want the Mayor to hear our story and our cry to have his officers better trained. This is becoming an issue. We want an apology from the officer who killed Shadow because he ran away without confronting us and telling us what he did that day. We also want the police Chief Sandra Rhodes to listen and stop shrugging this issue off. Do research yourself go on youtube and look up videos where cops shoot dogs. Read the stories its not just pit bulls its Chihuahuas, labs, and other breeds too. We don't need to lose more furry family members. Please stop the murders of these innocent animals.

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