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Police Officer beats brain cancer now has to battle the town to return to work


We are sending this message as a last resort for our brother, son in law, Uncle, Officer Andrew Wall of the Monroe Police Department and his familly.

Andrew was diagnosed with terminal stage four Glioblastoma brain cancer in September of 2015. He has served the community of Monroe as an exemplary officer for over 20 years. He is well-loved and supported by local business owners and townspeople alike. Andrew has been to hell and back fighting for his life when he was told there was no hope. He fights for his wife Lori and their 12 year old son AJ.

It is through sheer determination to live, bravery, the fantastic clinical trial department at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the grace of God that Andrew is doing remarkably well. He is ready and very able to return to a job that he loves.

The problem being that the chief of police, John Salvatore, convened a pre-termination hearing with himself as the leader. Andy has stated to everyone that will listen that he wants his job back. He has medical clearance notes from Dr.Kloss, Head of Oncology at Danbury Hospital and Dr. David Reardon Clinical Director at Center for Neuro-Oncology at Dana-Farber Boston. Nobody knows better the challenges an officer faces than Andy, after being on duty over 20 years and working through the Sandy Hook tragedy. He believes deep in his heart that he can do the job in full capacity and with honor.

The department will not give him a return date and has been very non-communicative. Andrew would like to start back to work as soon as possible, tomorrow even. For the well-being of himself and his family will you please go to bat for this remarkable cancer survivor.

Our family would greatly appreciate any help

The Wall and Keckler Families


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  • Ct State Legislature
    Mitch Bolinsky
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    Richard Blumenthal
  • State Representative
    J.P. Sredzinski
  • First Selectman Monroe Ct
    Stephen J. Vavrek
  • Chairman, Monroe Town Council
    Frank Lieto
  • Monroe Town Council Member
    Terry Rooney
  • Monroe Town Council Monroe
    Enid Lipeles
  • Connecticut ACLU
    David McGuire

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