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Our Nations Police K-9s are suffering when retired with no medical benefits at retirement to help in their care for a healthy retirement.Our brave and loyal K-9s are out there working for 10yrs average protecting the publics safety and our nations security. Receive nothing from the Police Departments they served because they are classified as equipment.

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As one of your constituents I would like you to support The National K-9 Working Dog’s “Police K-9 Bill of Rights” to support our retired heroes during their final years.

Pleas introduce the Police K-9 Bill Of Rights to the floor for a vote to amend Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984

Endorsed by Maryland Senator Richard Colburn, Florida Senator Mike Fasano , MD Delegate Adelaide Eckardt, and MD Delegate Jeannie Haddaway Riccio for pending action.

This Bill provides for medical benefits, veterinary care, prescription and other needs to ensure the K-9s well-being during retirement, while removing this enormous burden off the shoulders of their handler.

When a K-9 officer is forced to retire, whether it be for medical, age, injury or other reasons, that same K-9 that was an officer of the law is now considered a piece of equipment and as such, has no rights to any benefits for his upkeep in retirement

In most instances, the K-9 is released into the custody of its handler/partner who must now assume all of its medical and living expenses, in some cases that can be thousands of dollars. If that handler can not afford the cost of its care, the dog must be euthanized for liability reasons. A tactical dog cannot currently be adopted by a third party.

The NK9WD has paid medical benefits on behalf of retired K-9s whose handlers have been struggling with the financial burden of these costs, just to prevent these heroes and faithful companions from being put to an untimely death.

This “Police K-9 Bill of Rights” will provide for ALL retired police K-9s through the results of their own work. By using a mere 20% of only the cash confiscated during police search and seizures, we can provide for EVERY retired police K-9 in America. by amending the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, and by re-directing the 20% of the cash seized by a police K-9s into a third party general fund to pay for medical benefits for retired police K-9s.

I ask you, “Why should the burden of care fall on the shoulders of one officer when his loyal partner and companion has faithfully served the entire community?”

Questions can be directed to The National K-9 Working Dog online at,, or their president, Jay Meranchik, at 954-788-5333.

Thank you in advance for supporting this “Police K-9 Bill of Rights”.


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