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Save Stella the Pitbull from being destroyed

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Stella a pitbull siezed from her family home back in 2014 has been kept in a confined cage since. 

"Once  Stella was seized, an initial review was made in which the decision was reached that Stella was too dangerous to be exercised by kennel staff. This assessment remained under constant review and a number of further examinations were made by independent external experts including the RSPCA, who were all in agreeance that the animal was too dangerous for staff to exercise.

"The Court have heard and accepted evidence from the police and independently appointed animal behaviourists that Stella has unpredictable and dangerous behaviour patterns.

Please take into consideration that Stella has been confined to a cage for the last 2 years , If Stella is so dangerous How is she being fed ? Hows is she being exercised ? and also how is she being cleaned out ? These are daily routines which need to be carried out more than once a day , With Stella being so dangerous how are these being carried out . Surley Stella has not been confined to a cage 24hrs a day for the last 2 years. 


Stella needs to be released to either back to her family which she came from or to someone who can take on her needs and give her the life she deserves NO dog deserves to be locked up awaiting a death sentence . 



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