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Look at Tiny House Village Proposal Before Opposing It

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On January 15th the Madison Police Department blindsided Occupy Madison by publicly opposing their project for a Tiny House Village at 2046 E. Johnson St. without talking to them first.  Despite subsequent efforts to show the police department the plans and rules and regulations for the village - the police department remains opposed without even reviewing the project.  The opposition appears to be due to it being located in a residential area.  Please let people live in residential areas.  The people who would live in this village deserve to live in the same residential areas as everyone else and should not be forced to live in industrial areas because they are poor and housing is a particularly difficult to obtain in Madison's market with a 2% vacancy rate.  Please look at OMs newest plans, review their management documents and give constructive feedback about how this project can work.  Don't judge them based on encampments on public lands where there was no control over rules or people living there.  A privately owned tiny house village with 9 tiny houses is not the same as a public protest and encampment with over 80 people on public lands.  Please look at their plans, let us know your concerns and opinion, but base your comments on their actual proposal and facts and please be constructive partners in making this work in this community.

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