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Stop the indiscriminate job termination of IT employees in TCS

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TCS “Layoffs” 25000+ Employees

Mr. Suresh (name changed), aged 34 years was an employee of TCS for 13 years. He joined as a fresher and through many sleepless hours of work and onsite deputations, he worked his way up to become an Associate Consultant in the firm. He had to support a family of five consisting of ailing parents and kids attending kindergarten. One fine morning, he was suddenly called by the HR manager. He was informed that his services were ‘no longer warranted’ by the organization and he was terminated with an effect of 30 days from then. Tragedy does not restrict with Mr. Suresh, it extends to up to about 25000 TCS employees.

Yes! Starting from the 8th of December, Tata Consultancy Services have been illegally terminating thousands of its employees with no concern for procedures and the rights of the employees.  Media reports had suggested in the second week of December that around 25000 of TCS’s senior level employees would be affected. The following week saw employees of 10-15 years of experience being indiscriminately sacked on a massive scale in the name of ‘restructuring’. When asked for an explanation, the organization offered no special importance to the terminations and maintained that the move was part of ‘workforce restructuring’ and is ‘nothing out of the ordinary’. They had termed it as ‘involuntary attrition’.

Significance of the petition

Thousands of employees have been sacked suddenly and thrown out of office leaving them no buffer time to search for jobs in other organizations. There are no clear legal mandates to be followed by the IT firms with respect to employee rights. With such impunity, these firms treat us. There are no monitoring mechanisms from the government side to check these terminations.  Nor is there a grievance redressal mechanism for us.  Moreover, employees with more than eight years of experience do not have much of a future in the IT industry now as all other major IT firms restricts senior experienced candidates. The sacked employees are shocked and terrified and face a bleak future. Others with similar years of experience are also facing the axe.

According to the TCS’s latest business reports, the firm’s robust growth remains unchanged. They had also stated that they would recruit 55,000 new employees in the upcoming fiscal year. Under these circumstances the termination of the employees with no proper mechanism is completely illegal. 

Media reports suggest that TCS is aiming to complete this termination process before the end of February 2015. Since the campaign started, TCS has started accelerating the termination activity. Hence we demand your immediate intervention into this matter. Our future is at stake. The illegal massive termination in TCS needs to be questioned.

One side, there are huge promises for development. But on the other side, the employees are sacked in thousands. This smashes the hopes laid on the government. We would also like you to kindly consider that these IT employees who significantly contributed towards India’s growth history for the past 20 years are in deep trouble now along with their dependent families.

We call upon you to intervene in this matter and take appropriate action “to immediately stop the indiscriminate job termination of employees in TCS”. And also, we urge you to order the TCS management "to reinstate all those employees terminated in the ‘restructuring’ drive back to payrolls of TCS with immediate effect".

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