PMO: Increase Penalty for Animal Cruelty So That It Acts As a Deterrent

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Rs 100. That's what people who perform beastly, inhumane acts against animals are fined and allowed to walk free. No wonder we read about animals exposed to cruelty every day.

These helpless creatures are incapable of standing up for themselves. That's why it is up to us to stand together and fight for them. 

Join my fight for justice so that no animal is ever tortured the way Lucky was.

This is the story of Lucky. A stray dog, aged one was mercilessly beaten by the two watchmen of Turf View society. Media reports say they did this on the commands of a resident just because the homeless animal was looking for a shelter during rain. The dog was beaten on each nook and corner of his body, including the head so that he could be taught a lesson for entering the society. He was beaten in a manner such that his horrifying screams could be heard by other animals outside and serve as an announcement for them about the consequences they would face upon doing what he did. Today, the poor animal is in a state of coma. He needs our help. He needs us to stand up for him, against this cruelty happening against animals around us. 

A FIR has been filed against the two culprits, that is, the watchmen but the building resident, who is equally responsible for the miserable state of the dog, is yet to be booked. Animal welfare organizations transported the victim to an animal hospital and he being treated currently. But we need to fight so that no other animal ever has to suffer at the mercy of such cruel beings and to bring justice to the dog. 

When the right of a human being is violated, we become so outraged. We protest, fight for our kind, to deliver justice to them. Somebody here today deserves to get justice as well. If the culprits of the poor animal are prosecuted rightly today for their act of inhumanity, this will serve as a threshold for all animal abusers. People will be scared of the consequences beforehand and hence will not commit such a heinous crime. The fight is not just for one dog, it is for all animals.  

Animal cruelty is very prevalent even today. We need to fight against it. We are equally responsible for those suffering around us if we turn a blind eye to such incidents. My heart has been heavy with pain and eyes filled with tears ever since I have read about the attack. I appeal everybody to kindly sign the petition and share it forward with your fellow beings to ensure another painful scream does not go in vain. 

Join us in appealing to our Prime Minister to increase the maximum penalty for animal abuse cases under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Stop animal abuse, save our strays.


Picture Credit: Google Images