Help daily wage workers get to home amidst lockdown

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Amidst this Coronavirus pandemic, followed by the 21 day lockdown in the country, everyone is asked to stay home, stay safe.

Help Ashutosh reach home amidst this lockdown

But, what about the safety of people not having a home, at the places they are right now? What about the daily wage workers like Ashutosh, who are stranded without work, and are not able to go home, since there is no transport. Plus, the strictness from the police, and the unavailability of the essential needs(including food, the basic necessity) in these trying times.

People like him, just end up staying somewhere in the corner, despite having a place, where they could have felt like home, and could have been safer there!

Question here is: If it's not safe for us to go out this time, how is it safe for these folks to stay out of their homes during the lockdown?

Although, the measures taken by the government are good, and are the most required ones, don't you think, measures should be taken for these people too? I urge the PMO, the Ministry of healthcare to look into this, and the Indian police, to take this into account and thus help everyone stay safe and secure!

Let's make sure each one of us is safe, INDIA is safe and secure!