Promote Privatisation of Agricultural Education in Gujarat

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Government Agriculture Universities of Gujarat are discriminating & are mentally harassing students of Private University (Specially the students of Rai University, Ahmedabad) just because they have obtained degree from a Private University.

Government Agriculture Universities are against the privatization but WHY SO?

If Privatization is bad, then why govt. is allowing a law to be passed in parliament and if they do so, they must take care that all the students are treated equally. IT IS VIOLATION OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT THAT STUDENTS ARE BEING DISCRIMINATED AND ARE NOT BEEN GIVEN FAIR CHANCE TO COMPETE.

Why the demand is against only Agriculture course, why not against other courses like Engineering, Medical, Law etc.? Lots of Government Jobs could be the key! Or may be fear of broken Monopoly!

It is about COMPETITION, if Government Agriculture Universities are confident about the model of their education, why their students fear to compete against students of private university. HOW they can mark us ineligible to appear for entrance examination and who had given them the authority to do so?

It is unfortunate to see that State Agriculture Universities, who have been given so consideration to promote the agriculture education, itself coming in way to stop the competition. It is clear that Government Agriculture Universities do not want a healthy competition. Privatization is the key to competition and development, but they do not want to raise their standards and so are not able to understand the importance of privatization.

It is the Governments responsibility to make sure that everyone is treated equally, Article 14 of constitution of India also advocates the law of equality but we are being HARASSED by Government Agriculture University of Gujarat and are being DISCRIMINATED

Our Own Honorable Prime Minister is in process of in principle “approval” for the strategic disinvestment of 30 PSUs and you people are saying privatization is BAD!

Do we have any Microsoft, Apple, Infosys, Monsanto, Jain Irrigation, DuPont coming from Government sector??? Whether the concept of Startup will flourish in such conditions???