STOP Corporatisation of Ordnance Factories

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Respected Sir,

Ordnance Factories organisation is the world’s largest and oldest government defence industrial production department which is continuously supplying ammunition's, weapons and other accessories to Indian armed forces since 1802 AD. At present, about 90 thousand employees are dedicated in running
the production activities of this department. Rationale of Ordnance Factories
remaining as the back-bone and strategic base for the powerful and emergent India 
since 1802 AD in the continent of Asia is embedded in the geo-politics of the Indian
Sub continent. The British government established Ordnance Factories due to the
strategic leadership that India governs in the geo-politics of Asia. The British never
established any ordnance factories outside India although they ruled almost the
whole of Asia from 1800s to 1940s, not even in the region now known as Pakistan,
Bangladesh, sri Lanka or Burma which were part of British India up too 1935 AD.
The British wars with China, Afghanistan, Other Indian Princely States, World War I
and II were won due to timely and secure supplies of Ordnance, ammunition's and weapon systems by Ordnance factories. In fact, world war II led to addition of many new Ordnance factories in India. Even after the transfer of power from British
government, in 1947 AD, Ordnance factories have always stood by the Indian Armed Forces during its times of need. In the post 1947 wars that India has fought, namely in 1947-48 (with Pakistan), 1962 (with China), 1965 (with Pakistan), 1971 (with Pakistan) and 1999 (with Pakistan), Ordnance Factories have served as backbone for reliable supplies to Indian Armed Forces. OFs have been pioneer in
industrialization of India and were the first to establish a grey iron furnace at MSF
Ishapore, first to produce famous dum-dum bullets at OF Dum Dum and and cordite at CFA aravenkadu, first in Asia to produce RDX, etc. Its indeginization in developing
assault rifles, battle tanks and worlds latest artillery gun 155 mm dhanush to replace
bofors gun are some of the achievements. OFB also contributed in Chandrayan, supplied a special grade of RDX for stage separation. We have received Congratulation and acknowledgement from ISRO in the past. And O. F. Bhandara would soon get confirmation from ISRO this time too.RDX GR 1 B, PETN FA 956 and RDX Wax 95:5 was given to ISRO for Launch vehicle propellant of Chandrayan-2.

2- The existence and growth of Ordnance Factories as a government department is
essential for ensuring defence preparedness. This fact can be gauged from the
following two facts illustrated below. 2(1) For its contribution during Kargil war, OFB won accolades from the then Chief of Army Staff and the Parliamentary Standing Committee. OFB stretched its capacity in all the critical items as per the demand even to the extent of 200 % of Pre-Kargil supplies.
In the foreword to “Arming the Indian Arsenal”, former COAS Gen VP Malik has stated, “Indian Ordnance Factories, which could produce ammunition and some equipment for which they had the necessary technology, rose to the occasion. But we faced considerable problems in procuring items that had to be imported at short notice.” While deposing before Nair committee in Dec 2000, the then MGO stated: “I
congratulate OFs for their commendable performance during and after the Kargil crisis. Supplies from overseas suppliers are unreliable during operations and OFs are the backbone of the efficiency of the Indian Armed Forces”. In Aug 2000, DCOAS (P&S) stated: “Existence of OFB is essential for defence preparedness”.

In view of the above it is prayed to review the matter of Corporatisation of Ordnance Factories.
� Give relief by immediately the policy decision of Corporatisation of
Ordnance Factories.
� Staying the decision of corporatisation of Ordnance factories which has already started as per OFB circular and DPSU as a model has failed.
� Give directives to Secretary of Defence Production to consult all the stakeholders before deciding any policy on Ordnance Factories.
� Protect the interest of Nation as well as near about 82000 employees of Ordnance Factories.