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It is the saddest reality of our times that we decide to electrocute and euthanize dogs so that our streets have less of them. It is the opposite of what this world needs. Dogs offer an abundance of unconditional love and bring so much joy into our lives, and to see them treated so horrendously in my country truly hurts every inch of my soul and the collective soul of humanity. 

Currently, the municipal committee of the collective states in India has authorized animal cruelty to prevail in India. This is unheard of in most countries, we need to CHANGE this now. In a country where animals are treated as gods, we fail horribly to treat dogs and other animals the respect and dignity that all life on Earth deserves. The way we treat stray dogs in India has to change and the first steps can be taken by aborting electrocuting stray dogs unanimously across the states in India.

The people that can turn this into action are our law-makers. I implore the respected Government of Inda and the collective states of India to please take the necessary steps to make it illegal for all organizations responsible to torture animals. This law can be passed and can make a change if the severity of the punishment is as drastic as the crime. 

I personally don't know if a petition can make this change come about but I do believe that a collective embodiment of people can make any change come about. Please leave your signature on this petition, it might not have a drastic impact immediately but the first steps need to be taken at some point, truly hoping this brings back faith in humanity. 

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