Mandatory Linking of voter id with adhar card

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There are 2 major problems that we face as the world's largest democracy and as its young and ambitious voters 

1. Every elections thousands of votes are caste in the name of people who are dead. These fake votes are without doubt a big blot on the face of the prinicples of democracy. 

2. Young voters who have their domicile in a particular city or a region but are working in a different state or city find it difficult to be able to caste their vote due to lack of connectivity or time since they cant cant trtravel back to their domicile region and make it back to their place of employmemt in time.


In my opinion linking the adhar card with voter id card can solve both these problems

As aadhar card is issued to people who are alive so if it is linked with voter id all the fake votes of dead people being caste can be eliminated and secondly a person who is a citizen of india with a valid adhar card will be able to cast his vote in his city of reaidence irrespective of his domicile as the vote will be linked to his adhar.

This step will ensure greater accuracy, transparency and ease in voting for the average voter of the country. 

Please think about it if pancard, bank account even sim card can be linked with adhar why not voter id.