PMC property tax explanation 2019 Porwal road

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We as resident of porwal road wanted to know from PMC that we got property tax near ~12500 for approx 750sqt ft But it used to be near ~7000 when area was under Gram Panchayat. What PMC did in this area so that tax got doubled.

We are not having any PMC water supply nor basic facilities, Road , Traffic in the are worst and a common problem and each one of us is facing this on daily basis. No Tree , No park. Basic amenities are also missing in this area. Still Property Tax is so high. We as resident of porwal road want an explanation from PMC on this.  

We daily got stuck near jagat naka traffic while going to office or reaching at home. Daily water issue. We are allready paying from our own pocket for water tankers. Now why water tax when no supply. No tree Still tree tax. No park or other facility in the area. No proper roads.

leading news paper also addressed this:-