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The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP Prime Minister of Australia, please stop the closure of Indigenous communities in W.A. and commit to providing the basic services they need to live. We would like you to make a stand to uphold Indigenous human rights.

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WA Premier, Colin Barnett has made a decision to close and destroy 150 remote Indigenous communities, further displacing our Original Australians from their lives, lands, culture and social support networks. Demolition has started, resulting in more Indigenous peoples becoming homeless and in despair as they have no-where else to go. Many people across Australia care deeply about this issue and are outraged by any further suffering inflicted upon Aboriginal people, by our Australian Government. Over fifteen thousand people have signed this petition.

Our Indigenous peoples have lived and thrived on this land for hundreds of thousands of years, before experiencing over two hundred years of forced displacement and cultural genocide, by the leaders of European settlement. Being cut off from their culture and means of survival has not been their choice.
We are a wealthy nation, who's wealth has been developed at great cost and injustice to it's original inhabitants. It is time to change this. We can not only afford it, we cannot not afford it. Australians deserve a government that demonstrates far higher humane values.

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