We want sustainable economic, environmental and social development post-COVID

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By listening to and acting on the advice of experts, Australia became a global leader in flattening the COVID-19 curve. Continuing to listen to experts could see Australia not just survive but thrive.

Economists, environmentalists, scientists, business leaders and community members around the country are talking about how Australia could use the post-pandemic period to become economically stronger, environmentally more sustainable and socially more equitable.

With its enormous clean energy resources and high education levels, Australia could lead the world in sustainable technology, building new profitable export industries, and stopping the hollowing-out of our economy.

By transitioning smoothly out of coal, we could both dodge the inevitable, messy collapse of that industry, and facilitate Australia’s commitment to limiting climate change.

By implementing more sensitive farming and building systems, we could better protect both our environment and our comparative advantage.

By exploring alternatives to work and societal systems, we could become a more peaceful and equitable society, with better medical and mental health. 

With historically low interest rates and more people looking for work, now is the time to invest in an even better future.

Please sign this petition to ask the Prime Minister and Member of the Federal Government:

• to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transition smoothly but rapidly to an economically stronger, environmentally more sustainable and socially more equitable country; and

• to work with experts, other levels of government and the community to develop and implement plans that re-start an Australia that not only survives but thrives.