Stop defaming Ayurveda surgeons that they are less qualified and untrained

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With recent amendment of what surgeries Ayurveda qualified surgeon (Master's in Surgery- Ayurveda degree holders) by the Central council of Indian medicine there has been a lot of defaming and misleading circulars by nin Ayurveda Medical fraternity targeting general public which has created a pseudo picture as if the Ayurveda Doctors are untrained and uneducated and has no right to do surgeries

This is sheer defaming of qualified Ayurveda surgeons who have spent almost 8 ¹/² years of their medical education

Sadly neither these defaming people neither a common man knows that an Ayurveda doctor has knowledge of both their Ayurveda system as well as modern system of medicine because that's how their Under graduate and Post Graduate education is designed

It should be seen more as an opportunity to bring Ayurveda post graduates in mainstream because of the fact that they can contribute additional along with Ayurveda to the patient care