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Youngisthan's Petition To Attain Beggar Free Nation #BeggarFreeIndia #BanOnBegging

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We need to address the beggary problem as this menace is only rising in India.

 It is sad to see that many people including the educated ones consider begging as source of income.

We know that other social issues like poverty and unemployment leads to this social issue, so we need to tackle those issues as well.

But as of now we need to rehabilitate the beggars and educate and make awareness to prevent new beggars.

Also there is an urgent need to curb the issue of organized begging rackets as they are rampant across India.

You can find beggars at traffic signals to tourists’ places to railway stations; this also hampers India’s reputation at large.

The number of children beggars has been in increasing in our nation. This is injustice for kids as every child is entitled to have their ideal childhood and proper education.

Sign our petition so that following measures can be taken to curb this nuisance:

·         Government and non-governmental organisations including commoners must make sure effective rehabilitation of beggars. They need to be empowered and supported by shelter, education and jobs.

·         Government and NGOs must make it laudable move as this can speed up the rehab work.

·         Strict and instant actions should be taken to burst beggar rackets and severe punishments should be granted to culprits.

·         Stringent anti beggary laws including ban of begging should be enforced.

·         A helpline should be activated so that one can easily provide details of beggars or about the rackets.

·         Awareness campaigns highlighting ill effects of same will discourage people to beg. Also making sure that rehabilitated ones do not resort to beggary again. Actions and campaigns to be done in order to prevent new beggars as well.

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