Wedding Cards- An invitation or a Status Symbol - Overall a waste of Paper and money

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My mother had a passion for collecting beautiful wedding cards since a very young age. To an innocent eye, these cards look remarkably gorgeous. Such a variety of colours, designs, arts and textures, no wonder people want to collect them and look at them once in a while. 

Once, while shifting her accommodations, she came across a handful of cards she collected and forgotten. She had to throw away nearly all the cards since they were all in a pretty bad state and many of them coming below footsteps of the moving party. It was a pretty painful experience since the cards held memories and faces of gods and goddesses whom she worshipped. Sentiment aside, at that moment, those beautiful cards seemed like a pile of trash for which once, a party paid a whole lot of money. 

My question being, is it all really necessary?

There was a time when wedding cards used to be pretty basic. A simple invite with location and timing. My father knows of a time when there were no wedding cards. Still, people came to the weddings. But alas, fluctuating trends make us do such crass things regardless of the fact that so much money and paper can be saved in the process. A huge environmental boost!

I requested a family member of mine to think about this before spilling a river of cash. He told me," Nobody cares about the environment! Get out of my way." And I did. I couldn't change his mind. So I changed my mind because charity begins at home.

Below are some points I could sum up- 

1. Environmental Aspect- These wedding cards are made of best quality papers. That means best quality trees were cut in the process. I have even heard of gold lined wedding cards. If we put an end to this, we can save an immense amount of trees, gold, cash and resources in the process. If you can't make up for the harm done on our mother nature atleast think about how you can save her future and yours.

2. Religious Aspect- I am a Hindu. I respect my gods and goddesses like any other religion respects their beliefs. Everyone knows the wedding cards we receive have pictures of Gods and holy symbols on it, either printed or engraved, embossed, etc. Atheists aside, Believers should feel pretty insulted when you see these cards being thrown on the ground and ignored, walked on, tore apart. Isn't it wrong?

3.  Economic Aspect- Our househelp has to work the whole day relentlessly in so many houses just to earn bread for her family. And I have heard of people investing more money on a single card than her monthly pay. On one hand, People are dying of malnutrition and hunger and on the other hand people spend lakhs and lakhs of money on such glorified status symbol nonsense. Most of you will say we earned it so its our right what to do with our money. You are right. But if there's a slight sense of humanity still left in your lead hearts, just think about those who live on the financial margins, children, who lose their mother trying to work so hard she crumbled. Its a sorry state of affairs in our country but doing whats right can atleast help the cause a little bit.

There are many alternatives that can be implemented -

1. I believe in the concept of digital India. I believe through the means of social networking and messenger platforms, people can send such cool wedding invites that wasn't possible till the last decade or so. They can be in image format, GIFs, videos, photo collages and so much more. And the best part, it is an online space, which is editable, easily sent and even comes with a delete button. See, even your online space can be cleaner!

2. The call rates have lowered remarkably in the last five years or so. The classic mouth publicity can also be done.

There are so many more ways which depend on how creative you are. Every single entity of the world has the future of the world in one hand and their needs in another. Always make a balanced decision.

I hail you, Prime Minister and I hail the "Aam Janta", who I know has the potential to think more and change the paradigm for good.