Re-function of Amarda road Air Strip, Mayurbhanj under UDAAN scheme

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The Amarda Road airstrip, as it was called in war terminology, is situated at Rasgovindpur of Mayurbhanj, Odisha, spanned with an area of nearly 600 acres. Built by the British Government during the World War-II in year 1940s at a cost of Rs 3 crore, it was earlier known as RAF (Royal Air Force) Amarda Road Airfield because of the nearby Amarda Road railway station. The airfield was used by No. 136 Squadron RAF, No. 177 Squadron RAF and No. 607 Squadron RAF. The 'Air Fighting Training Unit' which was formed in February 1943, was also based here. As an airfield, Amarda Road fell on the supply route for the Nationalist Armies of China in their fight against the Japanese. Aircraft of the RAF and the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) would regularly fly from this space to China via Chabua (Dibrugarh), Jorhat and Vijaynagar across the infamous hump route over Arunachal and East Tibet. To stop the impending Japanese advance in the east, this Air field, along with other nearby Airfields-Dalbhumgarh, Dudhkundi, Salua, Digri, Salbani and Chakulia, formed an WEB of airfields created by the Allies. In simple words, this air strip was acting as the battle hub during WW-II, but after the war over, it felt unused and since then, after the independence of India, this heritage air field is still unused, except, witnessing of few VVIPs' flights' take off and lending over there. It was having Asia's largest RUN-WAY during that time and seven decades after the base was built, the 11,000 feet (3,400 m) concrete runway is still intact, though the buildings that once cluttered the edges are gone. The adjacent NH connects West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand, along with the train route. Mayurbhanj, itself is a hub of tourism and is rich in culture and heritage. Re-functioning of this Air field,under the UDAAN scheme of the Central Govt., would definitely increase the socio-economic growth of the district of Mayurbhanj as well as the state. Shimlipal, the UNESCO certified Bio-diversity and the soon-to-be National park will also witness large tourist. As per the present infrastructure, renovation work is needed over there to make it function properly. If the heritage will not be restored now, then it will become a History very soon which will also not have any record with it. Hence, we the people of Mayurbhanj and intellectuals from other part of the World, demand the PM Modi would take the matter in a serious note and grant the AIRSTRIP to REFUCNTION under the UDAAN scheme asap.