BAIL Out Jet Airways to avoid burden of unemployment rate.

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  • Jet Airways India Ltd has more than 16000 employees in 2017 which has increase much more currently.
  • Jet airways, the market leader of Indian Aviation supports millions of travellers to reach to their destination on daily basis. 
  • Millions of corporates employees travel on every day basis to attend their office meetings, seminars, etc. 


Major businesses run on these travels.

All these over 16000/- employees including me have their own commitments, loans, liabilities, education for their children’s, etc will be effected.

Unemployment rate in the country will increase. 

People around the world will get chance to point fingers on our country’s present government for their inefficiency.

I on behalf of all these 16000 families request government to bail out Jet Airways and restore normal functioning of this airline which in turn will restore the well being of this country to some extent.

Thanking you in advance.

Your’s sincerely,

Ismail Mulla.