#IndianDogs Best but ek step aur lijiye please. #AdoptDontShop!

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#BeIndianADOPTIndian This is Indie Puppy Rooh. Just 1 month old, horribly run over outside a temple when Covid lockdown started, she was rescued by a Good Samaritan. After great suffering, and 1 of her two smashed legs amputated, she was adopted by a family who lost their own pedigree dog and (3 legs or not) now is the most beloved part of their family. Theybelieve in #Indian Dogs like you, and also #adoption. We have maybe a 100 such stories, but we want 10,000, more. Rooh is Home. YOU can make others like her reach there too.

Indian Dogs Best. That statement was superb , in reminding us to focus on our own Indian breeds when getting home pet dogs. India will surely listen to your voice of #VocalForLocal when it comes to our beloved dogs. THANK YOU.

#AdoptDontShop However, in your kindness, our own elation at hearing your progressive views, and the pride in our own Indian dogs (#Indies)  we ourselves forgot one thing. Your kind statement could inadvertently increase puppy mills in Indian dogs as well. Breeding dogs (Indies or Foreign Pedigree)  is a mostly cruel industry. Female dogs often get tied to a rape stand to produce litter after litter for a greedy backyard breeder, on a commercial basis, while 1000s of beautiful Indie Dogs (the stray, the street dogs and the Indian pariah) are ignored, abused and overlooked. Because they don't have a pedigree or caste certificate. They are beautiful and deserve homes too, but they starve - for food, love & attention. Why breed more when these Indies need homes and hearts? Like other countries can we promise to adopt -and  only buy when there are no dogs on the streets or in a shelter? For eg, in places like Mandya, we have driven past so many abandoned Mudhol hounds who are discarded after they get old or cannot produce a litter. We tried to help, foster, but most of them have died. Yes, we must #BeIndianBuyIndian but when it comes to Indian dogs,  we must use #BeIndianADOPTIndian.  You see, when the buying stops, the breeding will too. 

In your next Mann Ki Baat or your next message to a billion Indians like us, can you please update this, tell them to #AdoptDontShop, NOT buy Indies? Make it a Policy. Tell the Kennel Club of India , Vet Council of India and AWBI and others to promote #AdoptDontShop, not breeding, to promote stray and rescue Indies, not manufacture dogs in pain filled kennels, not create a new market with dogs while our brave and hardy Real Indies like Rooh, are run over, stoned, and beg for survival. Even our Bangalore Police has started recruiting Indies, and  keeping them at their police stations. Let's make a start. Somewhere. Everywhere. You are our Prime Minister . You can. 

We created a request for change.org/IndieDogDay , to celebrate our Indie Dog (check indiedogday.com). Let's make it the birthday of a great saint or animal lover in whose name we can declare as #IndieDogDay, not just in India but worldwide. It may be one day to celebrate our Indian Dogs but that focus could also be 365 days of survival for them.

HOWEVER, we must not inadvertently encourage cruel breeding or buying while we promote our Indian Dogs. We know you can, so please do share this message with your own team, Animal Husbandry Department and concerned NGOs. It will  make all the difference.,

From Rooh, and tens of thousands like her, who will find a home because of ONE sentence YOU can utter Mr Prime Minister, Thank YOU in advance.

Woof.  (You see, Rooh wanted to say thank you to her Prime Minister Uncle, too)