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Reinstate funding for the Derriford Maternity Acupuncture service

Derriford Maternity Acupuncture service has been successfully treating expecting mothers experiencing a range of pregnancy related illnesses and conditions for over 24 years.
This award winning service (Prince of Wales National award "Foundation of Integrated Medicine") at Derriford hospital was the first unit in England to offer this vital service to women experiencing difficulties during pregnancy.
The dedicated team of senior Acupuncturist Midwives have successfully treated, managed conditions and reduced hospitalisation for over 8000 pregnant women in the past 24 years.
This service provides a life line for pregnant women and is a safe effective treatment compared to conventional medications that can have contraindications and risks to both the mother and unborn child.

Please support this campaign and fight to save this unique service operating for future women that need it.

Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust, withdrawing this vital service to poorly pregnant women is a huge step in the wrong direction. The Trust's aim is to provide, deliver and maintain gold standard patient centred care by axing this essential service you will be put this patient group at risk.

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