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Pledge Your Support for Clean Energy Victory Bonds


The United States is experiencing record unemployment, rising energy costs, and is falling behind in investments in the latest energy technologies.

The good news is, clean energy alternatives that are safe for our environment and good for our economy exist. We just need to invest in them. 

Green America has a ground breaking idea that could spur us along the path towards a green energy future -- Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVBS).

Like World War II's Victory Bonds, Clean Energy Victory Bonds will be U.S. Treasury savings bonds that encourage grassroots citizen investment in a national priority -- in this case, a clean energy future for us all. 

Investments in clean energy and energy efficiency will create jobs, energy independence, clearner cities and towns, and reduce our climate change emissions -- and with Clean Energy Victory Bonds, we can make those investments without costing taxpayers one more dollar.

Green American needs your help today to encourage Congress to create Clean Energy Victory Bonds.

Pledge your support to show Congress that you want a chance to help fund the new clean energy economy, and that Americans are in favor of Clean Energy Victory Bonds.

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