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Pledge to support independent media in the face of media ownership concentration


As you know from the news these days,  important independent and progressive voices are under threat by large corporations like AOL and Comcast. Just recently Keith Olbermann was sidelined from MSNBC, perhaps a consequence of the massive media merger between General Electric and Comcast. And AOL has now bought The Huffington post for $315 million.

We need powerful independent journalism -- progressive voices and investigative reporting -- now more than
ever.  Progressive analysis and reporting are powerful weapons that have helped us reveal the real power behind the Tea Party; to share information that protects consumers; to show the false hysteria about social security; to tell the truth about American Empire: that we spend more than every country in the world combined to maintain our massive military presence abroad, instead of meeting human needs here at home.

We have great progressive media in America.  But we need you to read it, watch it, and support it more.

In the face of even more media concentration, will you pledge to read, and promote, and support
independent media in whatever way you can?

Letter to
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We need a media that is not beholden to corporate interests. We need journalism that is not part of the Beltway conventional wisdom, geared to making the rich richer, by giving tax breaks and failing to hold corporations accountable.

Corporate owners like Comcast, AOL, Disney, and particularly Fox and Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Wall Street Journal, have demonstrated they can't be trusted in reporting the news.

I pledge to support independent journalism!

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