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Pledge To Support An End To Breast Cancer

In 1991, the number of American women who died of breast cancer every day was 119. Today it's about the same - 110 deaths. In 20 years, there's been no significant progress. In 1975, 1 in 11 women developed invasive breast cancer during her lifetime. Today, it's 1 in 8. We're actually moving in the wrong direction!

Isn't it about time we tried something different?

We've called for an end to breast cancer for decades, but we've never had a deadline to end this disease.

No date. No goal. No rush. Nothing to hold ourselves accountable to. How can we possibly achieve a goal if we don't have a deadline?

That's why the National Breast Cancer Coalition set a deadline. January 1, 2020 marks the end of breast cancer. We will no longer depend on hope as a strategy to end this disease. Hope is a wish. The deadline is a commitment. And, we've got a plan to make sure we reach our goal.

A deadline changes everything. Now it's time to change the conversation. January 1, 2020 marks the end of breast cancer. Are you with us?

Sign the pledge today to tell the world that you are 100% behind the Breast Cancer Deadline 2020.

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