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Pledge to Say Yes to Organ Donation

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In the United States, there are over 110,000 people with end stage organ failure on the waiting list for organ and tissue transplants. An average of 18 men, women and children die every day waiting for an organ. You can help change that. Just one organ and tissue donor can save or enhance the life of up to 50 people.

While the number of organ donors in the U.S. is increasing overall, only 37% of Americans 18 years of age and over are registered donors, and the opt-in rate for organ donation in the 18-25 age group has markedly decreased since 2004. Additionally, many older Americans resist organ donation on the misguided basis that their organs are not useful after a certain age. There are many public misconceptions about organ donation, and it continues to be a topic that is rarely discussed and widely misunderstood.

We at “The Power Of Two” feature documentary, interactive online community and global call to action believe that more Americans would say “yes” to organ donation if the topic is readily and candidly discussed with friends and family.  Please register to become an organ donor through your appropriate online registry, which you can find at Then, talk to your family and friends about your wishes. As a further gesture of compassion and commitment, please sign our letter to those waiting for transplant in care of all transplant recipients in the United States, including Anabel “Ana” Stenzel and Isabel “Isa” Stenzel Byrnes, double lung transplant recipients and central characters of the film, “The Power Of Two.” By signing this letter, you are supporting currently active transplant candidates, donor families and recipients, telling them that you are committed to organ donation.

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