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Pledge to protest the real possibility that the Supreme Court will open the floodgates to corporate $ in politics   :)

Outrage is building   :)

The outrage is building. People from across the nation have pledged to protest the all-too-real possibility that the Supreme Court will open the floodgates to corporate money in politics. Check out some of the creative protest ideas posted on

Don't Get Rolled!Do you think we can't pass real health care reform because the insurance companies have bought Washington? Do you think politicians are corrupt now? It could get a whole lot worse.

At least now, some limits exist on corporate spending in elections. But these limits could be steamrolled on Sept. 9.

We need your help to show that the American public will not stand for limitless corporate money in politics.

Sign our pledge to protest petition on

If you can take to the streets or make a video, that's terrific! But just about any action you take in support of this campaign on or before Sept. 9 can be a protest. After you sign the pledge to protest petition, here are a few very simple suggestions for ways you can protest:

• Poster Protest: Print our Don't Get Rolled! poster and display it prominently for your friends and neighbors.

• Facebook and Twitter: Copy and paste the following message into Twitter and your Facebook status updates: RT @Public_Citizen: Say no to unlimited corporate $$$ in #politics! Sign the petition & pledge to protest Sept 9 on

• Spread the Word: Use our handy Tell a Friend page.

Stay tuned to find out more about Sept. 9 actions coming to a town near you. We look forward to hearing about what you do. Keep in touch, and send us any photos or videos to share at

Thank you for all you do!

Rick, Angela and Glenn
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