Pledge to Protect Greyhounds


We know that greyhounds deserve to be protected from the cruelty of the racing world.  They enjoy life and need our help. 

You can meet some of our rescued friends and watch how they like to spend their time in the video above. 

Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, and should end.  At the eighteen remaining dog tracks in this country, greyhounds are kept confined for an average of twenty hours a day in small, stacked cages.  They are fed a diet based on raw, diseased meat.  Then, when allowed out of their cages to race, they suffer terrible injuries and sometimes die.  Many dogs are simply killed once they are no longer profitable. This is no way to treat a dog! 

Here are four easy things you can do today to help greyhounds:

1. Share the video you just watched with all your friends and family.  Education is the key!

2. Sign this petition to the governors of all five dog racing states. Tell them to prohibit greyhound racing now.

3.  Join our team by signing up for online action alerts, hosting an outreach table, writing a letter to the editor and more.

4. Make a donation to help fund our successful campaigns to end dog racing.  Since GREY2K USA was formed in 2001, the industry has been cut in half and thirty-one tracks have closed nationwide!  

Thanks for caring about the greyhounds!

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Alabama Governor
  • Arkansas Governor
  • Florida Governor
  • Iowa Governor
  • West Virginia Governor

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