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Pledge to Help Save The Oceans


We’re destroying the ocean at an alarming rate.  By polluting oceans with plastic waste and chemicals, overfishing, and warming the ocean with carbon-emitting activity, we’re endangering the future of all marine life.

But since we are the problem, we can also be the solution. We can change our habits and protect our oceans forever.

To ensure healthy, clean oceans for future generations, pledge to do at least one of the following to save our oceans:

1. Choose reusable bottles and bags instead of plastic ones.  Americans together use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour and 500 plastic bags each annually.

2. Eat non-endangered seafood.  Due to our over-consumption of seafood, 90% of the world's large fish, such as tuna, swordfish, flounder and sharks are already gone. If we continue at our current rates, all salt-water fish could be extinct by 2048.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint. Carbon intensive activities such as driving, flying, and inefficient home heating are warming ocean waters and causing an imbalance known as acidification, threatening the habitat of many marine species.

Make the pledge and join the movement to save our oceans today!

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My Pledge
Yes, I pledge to help save the oceans by doing at least one of following:

1. Choosing reusable bottles and bags instead of plastic ones.

2. Eating non-endangered seafood.

3. Reducing my carbon footprint by driving less, flying less and choosing energy-efficient home heating.