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Why Mauritius?   The tourist hotspot of Mauritius, located off the South East coast of Africa, has a lesser-known industry - the supply of long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) to the global research sector. In 2011 alone, Britain imported nearly 1,000 primates from the country.   In order to maintain breeding colonies, many macaques are taken from the wild. Snared in traps on sugar plantations, these highly-intelligent animals are permanently removed from their habitats and family troops and held in a life of captivity. Understandably, this practice is globally condemned by zoologists, animal behaviourists and scientists because of the high level of suffering caused to the primates.   The Mauritian Government claim the primates are a pest species, which is why this cruel practice is permitted. However, no other viable options, such as chemical gelding, have been explored. Such reveals this barbaric trade to be about one thing only - money.   Why Sugar?   On Mauritius, the sugar trade plays a central role in the primate trade - operating the trapping of macaques on their plantations. Additionally, many of the primate farms are also owned by companies who own the sugar plantations. It is for these reasons why the AVC calls for a boycott of Mauritian sugar.   By buying Mauritian sugar, consumers and supermarkets are inadvertently funding the wild-capture of macaques and ultimately the trade in primates for vivisection.   Use your custom as a vote! Help end the cruel primate trade!

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