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Petitioning Prajwala Sunitha Krishnan

Pledge to be a Man AGAINST Demand for Prostitution

Prajwala is an anti-sex trafficking organization based in Hyderabad, India. Since 1996, the organization has worked to attain a world free of trafficking, where no women or children are sexually exploited and no human being is treated as a commodity. Prajwala rescues about 300 girls a year from sexual slavery, and provides professional support to help rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society.  Prajwala works to stop the supply of trafficked victims by training transport unions, government officials, and police officers, and conducts frequent outreach programs to educate and sensitize the public. Now, they are striving for a more unified approach to stop the demand for prostitution through the Men Against Demand campaign.

This petition supports Prajwala's efforts to eradicate the flesh trade.  If men pledge to stop buying sex, brothels will go out of business. 

Please read the pledge and sign below

I will battle prostitution because:

I believe that prostitution will not end until men become part of the solution. I believe that prostitution will not end until men stop demanding services. I know that young girls and boys are bought and sold every day. I understand that commercial demand for sex is a crime against a woman's body, her emotional being and her dignity. I understand that men and women will not be equal until sex trafficking ends. I know that happiness between men and women is difficult in a world where men commit grave offenses against women, physically and emotionally.

I accept my responsibility as a man and, therefore, I PLEDGE:

I will respect the dignity of women as equal human beings and not objects. I will speak out against flesh trade and all its manifestations. I will influence other men about it and urge them to reject it as well. I will challenge myths about prostitution, pornography, manhood and sexual bravado. I will involve myself in how younger men are brought up and contribute to create a culture where flesh trade and prostitution are not possible. I will support laws that encourage men to take responsibility for ending flesh trade and inhibit demand. I will respond purposefully when I hear a plea for help. I will acknowledge women's identities beyond that of being a victim. I will encourage enabling environments, which help women to be strong and powerful. I will acknowledge and support women's abilities and actions to recognize, resist and report exploitation. I will change my behaviors and actions to create a climate where no woman or child can be bought or sold. I will support men and women working to end trade in human beings. I pledge to end all forms of violence against women and children.

I pledge to stand up and be a "real" man.

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