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Petitioning CEO, Costco Craig Jelinek

Pledge Not to Sell Genetically Modified Salmon at Costco


Genetically modified salmon could be approved for human consumption by the FDA this year, despite the fact that industry safety tests show high allergy risks and increased amounts of a growth hormone associated with cancer. 

Scientists have also discovered that some of the altered salmon are fertile - the FDA is basing their approval on the fish all being sterile females. If these fertile fish escape, they could out-compete wild salmon and cause severe ecological damage.

Even worse, consumers won't be able to choose whether or not to purchase modified salmon because there is no federal labeling requirement.

Join us in asking Costco CEO Craig Jelinek to join Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Aldi and over 2,000 grocery stores in refusing to sell genetically modified salmon to his customers.

Letter to
CEO, Costco Craig Jelinek
Please join Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Aldi, PCC Natural Markets and more than 2,000 small grocers by signing the pledge not to sell genetically modified salmon to Costco customers.

Genetically modified AquaBounty salmon has not been adequately tested for human or environmental safety. In some tests, the fish were show to have a 40% higher chance of causing an allergic reaction in humans. The fish also have high levels of a growth hormone linked to cancer.

Please stand up for your customers today by refusing to sell genetically modified salmon at Costco stores.

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