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Pledge Not to Fund Nuclear War in Korea

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Amid the welter of Donald Trump's ugly tweets on so many topics, we need to recognize the emergency created by those threatening to annihilate the people and land of North Korea. Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to destroy North Korea, a country of 25,000,000 people, if its leaders don't cease building a nuclear deterrent to threatened attacks from the U.S.

We are a country that has never acknowledged its barbarous bombing campaign in the Korean War and that has refused Pyongyang's pleas for a peace agreement in favor of painful economic and diplomatic isolation and frequent military maneuvers threatening an attack.

Korea knows our disastrous record of "regime change" in countries that we don't like, if they lack the capacity to inflict damage on the U.S.  From G.W. Bush's proclaiming the country part of an "Axis of Evil" to Barack Obama's excepting the country from his historic no-first-strike pledge, we have given ongoing reasons for the DPRK to create a credible deterrent to U.S. attack.

Like the "telephone tax" resisters against the Vietnam War, we can decline to voluntarily finance the war machine that Trump wants to use. (Criminal prosecution for this misdemeanor is "currently almost unheard of." The pledge guarantees that signers are committed to tax resistance only if a quarter of a million of us do the same. Because it is directed to its originator, your name will not be sent to any government official.

"We, the undersigned, pledge to use every non-fraudulent means to withhold our federal income tax payments (increasing the withholding allowances on a W-4 given to employers, failing to make self-employed estimated tax payments, not paying April 15 balances) until the United States officially repudiates its threats of resumed war against North Korea and enters into the Korean Peninsula disarmament negotiations supported by every other country in the region. We are, however, committed to act on this pledge only after being notified that 250,000 people have signed it."

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