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Please Urge the US Supreme Court to Hear This "Perceived Disability" Case

For the past three years, I have been representing myself Pro Se in a "perceived disability" discrimination case, conducting my own legal research and document preparation.

I was wrongly accused of falsfying a Faculty Employment Application to cover up for the fact that I was being discriminated against due to my medical history and past health insurance claims, as there is no legal basis for the accusations made against me.

I filed a Complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR), who unbeknownst to me at the time, is an agency created for the sole purpose of covering up such violations, especially when they are perpetrated by State of Florida government employers, whose employee health insurance is "self-insured," meaning employee health insurance claims are paid out of government coffers.

FCHR committed many statutory violations and abuses of power throughout my case. They inappropriately shared information with opposing counsel, tried to talk me into filing my complaint as a "discharge," rather than a "do not hire," to mention a few.

In 2007, while I was virtually homeless, uninsured, living in a motel fighting with GEICO for a car accident settlement, the Division of Adminstrative Hearings (DOAH) held a Hearing, during which opposing counsel behaved unprofessionally, without any warning or sanction issued by the Judge (who was not the Judge originally scheduled to hear my case, nor was I informed of this in advance, denying me the opportunity to request rescheduling with the originally-scheduled Judge), illegally-obtained document was attempted to be introduced into evidence, I was lied to by DOAH employees with regard to when documents were due, and I was denied a copy of the Final Hearing Transcript until AFTER my final DOAH document had been filed.

I then appealed my case to the 1st District Court of Appeal, who as it turns out, is just as corrupt, if not more, than the DOAH, as 1st DCA Chief Judge, Paul M. Hawkes, as Custodian of Reord, as defined in Florida Statutes, refused to provide me, as he is required to do, with a copy of a Motion opposing counsel filed, which opposing counsel neglected to send me (I am writing a book entitled Pro Se Can You Plea, in which I write in detail of my experiences and abuses suffered as a Pro Se litigant; this country is badly in need of a Pro Se Bill of Rights, which I intend to introduce in the book). The 1st DCA issues a Per Curiam Affirmed, denying my request for Rehearing En Banc, and refusing to write an Opinion, which because of a Florida law that states that cases in which District Courts of Appeal refuse to write an Opinion automatically bypass the jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court, and can then only be appealed to the US Supreme Court, who hear less than 1% of cases.

The injustices I have suffered are far-reaching, denying me not just one, but two careers, livelihood, my right to pursue life, liberty, happiness, and the "American dream."

True to my promise three years ago, I have appealed this case to the US Supreme Court, Case No. 09-5443.

I am asking you all, therefore, to please sign this petition, which I am allowed to print-out and submit to the Court via Supplemental Brief. Please do not send letters directly to the Justices, as I am informed by the Clerk's Office will not be placed in my file. Only my submitting petitions and/or e-mails of support via Supplemental Brief will guarantee they are placed in my file.

Thank you all very much for your support.

Carol Tucker, MA
Court Reform-NOW

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