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Please Urge Governor Brown to Allow the Release of Tammy Sue Walters on Parole

Tammy Sue Walters has been incarcerated 22 years on her 17-years-to-life sentence.

Ms. Walters was a juvenile when sentenced as an adult to 17 years-to-life, and has been incarcerated for 22 of her 36 years.  She has received exemplary recommendations from several Lieutenants for her continued positive attitude while housed in Valley State Prison for Women as a Level II (low security), and continues to work hard on her self improvement by tutoring other prisoners, participating in 12-step and numerous other transformative programs, and studying for the last three years with Coastline College.

This is the second consecutive year that the Board has found Ms. Walters eligible for parole and therefore does not pose a safety risk. The parole decision now goes to Governor Brown. Please urge the governor to uphold Ms. Walters's parole. Thank you.

Letter to
The Governor of CA
I urge you to uphold the Board of Parole Hearings’ decision to release Tammy Sue Walters on parole. Penal Code §3041 governs the granting of parole. This statute establishes a presumption of parole suitability within subsection (a) which states the Board “shall normally set a parole date. . . after the inmate’s minimum eligible parole date.” It is estimated 1,000 or more cases on this subject have been filed in the State’s backlogged courts. The cost of this litigation to taxpayers is in the tens of millions of dollars annually.

Ms. Walters was a juvenile when sentenced as an adult to 17 years-to-life. She has been incarcerated 22 of her 36 years and is 11 years past her Minimum Eligibility Parole Date of June 8, 2000. This is her second suitability finding in two consecutive years.

The Board is bound by California Code of Regulations, Title 15, § 2402 to deny parole if a life-term prisoner poses “an unreasonable risk of danger to public safety.” Ms. Walters has received laudatory chronos from several Lieutenants for her continued positive attitude while housed in Valley State Prison for Women as a Level II (low security) and received a CDC 101 Supervisor Report giving her above average performance in her Prison Industry Authority Optical position.

Ms. Walters has participated in numerous self-help workshops and organizations while incarcerated such as: Women’s Way 12-Step Program, Victim Awareness, Long Termer’s Community Outreach Support Group, Alternatives to Violence Project Advanced Workshop, A Framework for Breaking Barriers – A Cognitive Reality Model. She has participated as a leader and a role model within the community of Valley State Prison for Women and has used her experiences to give back. She served as LTO Chairperson Board of Prison Hearings Sub-Committee, participated in a Peer Tutor Training, engaged in the Overview of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and acted as a Transforming Lives Network volunteer and a Workshop Volunteer Facilitator. She has been enrolled for the last three years with Coastline College and made the Honors list.

The Board of Parole Hearings concluded that Tammy Sue poses no threat to public safety and is ready to resume life as a productive member of the community. She has been accepted into the Crossroads Transitional Program where she will receive the best of support. Please honor their decision and uphold Ms. Walters’ release on parole.


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