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Please Tell Houston Not To Kill Homeless Dogs For The Super Bowl

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BREAKING NEWS! We were just informed that the city of Houston's BARC will announce today that they will not plan another homeless dog roundup, as the city of Houston did it 2016. Houston officials will therefore not kill any homeless dogs before the Super Bowl! We welcome this great news, and would and very grateful for this positive decision made by city officials and BARC, and would like to thank each of you for standing up for your Houston homeless animal pack, and the Houston community of animal lovers.

However, this is just one small victory for the homeless animals of Houston, and our work is still not done. Thousands of homeless animals are still being abandoned annually on the streets of Houston - some pregnant, some with bullet wounds, some abused, chained without any protection from weather elements, and with no where to go.

I Stand With My Pack is proud to be teaming up with NYBC to go to Houston, and we will be working with the Houston community, local veterinarians, animal organizations, and rescues to help raise awareness and assist in implementing solutions for Houstons homeless pet crisis. We also hope to work with local mobile spay and neuter clinics to provide low income families with assistance to fix their animals, and also, along with NYBC, we will help as many stray dogs as possible. Please help us help the homeless dogs of Huston!



Last year, Texas Councilman Dwight Boykins spent $50,000 in taxpayer dollars to remove stray dogs from the streets of Houston. His office claimed the dogs picked up during the sweep would be adopted, but of the 224 dogs captured, at least 70 of them were euthanized.

Houston officials supposedly plan to implement a second round of sweeps in preparation for this year’s Super Bowl. We need Houston to know that the world is watching and that we refuse to allow the unnecessary killing and inhumane treatment of stray dogs, and we demand that Houston implement humane and responsible no-kill solutions.

Stray dogs in Houston suffer tremendously to survive. They endure brutally humid summers and dangerous flood conditions. Many spend their entire day scavenging for scraps of food and risk their lives near dangerous Houston traffic. BARC estimates there are hundreds of thousands of strays on the streets of Houston at any given time, and all of their lives are in danger in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. If Houston officials have put dogs down before, they’ll do it again, but we refuse to stand for this unethical treatment of animals and irresponsible spending of tax payers dollars.

Getting adoptable strays into forever homes is the most responsible & human solution, but we refuse to condone ‘rescue' attempts that turn into mass killings. There are more effective ways to get dogs off the streets and we demand that Councilman Boykins and Mayor Turner find & implement humane solutions to control and reduce the stray population and properly manage the city of Houston’s homeless animal population.

The Super Bowl is approaching quickly, so we need a million signatures from dog lovers like you to show Houston politicians that we will not tolerate violence against animals. Show your support for homeless dogs in Texas by signing our petition today. Please stand with us to tell Mayor Turner to keep his campaign promises, and that he must enforce a responsible no-kill policy for adoptable strays and spay/neuter & shelter programs for others. Houston residents should not have their tax dollars used to kill innocent animals, and people everywhere should be outraged by this inexcusable, irresponsible and unnecessary practice.

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