Tell Colorado Springs City Council and Mayor to Ban Puppy-Mill Dogs from Pet Stores

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Please ask the Colorado Springs City Council to ban the sale of commercially bred dogs in local pet stores. Such a ban would encourage pet stores to market shelter dogs to potential loving owners.   This ban will end the economic incentives for the puppy-mill industry, where dogs typically spend their entire lives in cages six inches larger than their bodies and are denied basic medical care.  

Currently the city of Colorado Springs spends 1.4 million a year on animal control, due to pet overpopulation.  Many of these unwanted animals were dogs purchased from pet stores and subsequently abandoned due to behavioral or health issues.

This ban will also protect local consumers. Puppies obtained from pet stores are more likely to exhibit aggression and be sick.  There are no laws in the state of Colorado to protect these types of consumers and they are bound by the contract they sign with the pet store.  Furthermore, pet stores are often untruthful about where the puppies come from. Lastly, a majority of sales from pet stores are financed through predatory finance schemes similar to payday loans.

Over 200 cities within the United States have already adopted a similar ban to protect these long suffering innocent animals.  Tell Colorado Springs it needs to get on board and protect man's best friend!!