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Please support our fight against hate in America.

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A lie is being circulated by the Islamophobes that Dr. Hatem Elhagaly (Hatem Al Haj) condones genital mutilation. This is absolutely not true. 


A statement circulated by Dr. Hatem himself:


"I have always condemned Female Genital Mutilation FGM. Moreover I have unequivocally spoken out in lectures and in writing against all harmful forms of Female Genital Cutting FGC, justifiably known as FGM.

I have stated that a subtype of Female Genital Cutting FGC, called the ritual nick, is harmless. This subtype doesn’t involve any form of clitorectomy. This claim of mine is scientifically irrefutable. It is the position expressed by the Committee on Bioethics of the American Academy of Pediatrics. [Pediatrics Vol. 125 No. 5 May 1, 2010 pp. ‎‎1088 -1093‎.]

Despite my acknowledgment of the harmlessness of the ritual nick, I unwaveringly discouraged people from having it done because it is illegal in the US.

The smear campaign against me is unfounded and based on religious bias; they blatantly and viciously misquoted me and plainly fabricated lies against me."


As you can see from the above statement, the claims made against our dear respected doctor hold no water. See his website for more information.




The drive is initiated by an Islamoohobe who attacks our doctor wth lies while remaining hidden behind the anonymity of the internet. The petition is being organized  on by Raven King and is heavily supported and spread by the Islamophobe CGW.

In a direct quote we found on the internet, CGW said:

"Make no mistake - the barbaric, disgusting cult that is islam will be eliminated from the planet. Enlightened Western Civilization shall prevail over the primitive evil of the Satanic messenger, mohammed (pigshit be upon him) and his savages. " 

Commented Jan 13, 2012 on CAIR Condemns Alleged "Desecration" of Dead Jihadists by U.S. Marines in Afghanistan atAtlas Shrugs

Atlas Shrugs being the Islamophobic blog also commented on by Andres Brevik, the mass murdering european islamophobe on trial for killing about 80 children one at a time. 

We are dealing with pure evil here folks.

Please support our fight against hate in America.

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