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Please Stop Promoting Rabbits in Swimming Pools

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We the petitioners are respectfully asking "Little Bunny Lulu" to stop publicly promoting the dangerous act of putting domestic rabbits (prey animals) in swimming
Submersing a rabbit in water is quite stressful to the average rabbit, and is not recommended. This can be extremely traumatic for a rabbit and can put them into shock; trigger fatal gastrointestinal stasis or heart attack and many rabbits have died from this kind of trauma.  Wet fur can lead to hypothermia or respiratory infection; hot water or blow-dryers can scald their skin. Water in their ears can lead to ear infections and damp fur can lead to parasite infestations like fly-strike.

Not only are Little Bunny Lulu's pages promoting the rabbit swimming, the blog also references the following Accidents and bad diet as being "Humorous".  Crash Landing (knocked unconscious), Back to the ER (repeatedly cutting skin when grooming requiring stitches and staples, eating paper, candy, doritos and pop.

Please Read & Sign the Petition Letter Below to help stop the promotion of rabbits swimming as being "Cute".  
We would like to see these photos removed from the internet media sites.

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