Please... stop Coles giving out plastic junk!

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Are you gobsmacked that Coles has brought out a new range of 'little shop' toys during Plastic-free July? 

Wow.. Coles.. just wow.. You have just proved you really do not care for our Children's future by bringing these so called "collectables" back. This is when most people are doing their best to bring their own bags, choosing less packaging on their food and saying no to straws. Here you are handing out plastic junk that will end in landfill or in our oceans.

Sure, I get you want higher profits but couldn't you have come up with something that isn't plastic? If you really wanted to give our Children something to collect why couldn't it be environmentally thoughtful?

This is a slap-in-the-face for all people who care about the future of our planet. It's time to think of our Children and what their future will look like with all this unnecessary plastic. 

Let's use our wallets as voices and not shop there anymore.