Please Stop Baby Usmans life support machine from being turned off before its to late!

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After 10 fruitless years of trying for a baby, A,R known only by their initials for legal reasons hadn't given up on their dream of becoming parents. Early this year their prayers were answered and they were expecting their first child. Unexpectedly labour had come early and Baby Usman was born 13 weeks premature, weighing just little over 1lbs, Doctors told his parents he wouldn't survive and that they should prepare for the worst. Yet baby Usman has defied the odds to survive despite doctors recommending his family turn off his life support machine several times. Almost six weeks on Baby Usman has gone from strength to strength and defied the odds. He has slowly but surely began to make progress, he has shown great strength and bravery. His family will never give up hope of him recovering and are determined to fight to keep him alive and give him a chance to live. Baby Usmans parents are challenging doctors for the right of their only child to receive life-saving treatment. Unfortunately Baby Usmans parents have been issued with court proceedings against them. A decision will be made at the High Court whether doctors can refuse to ventilate baby Usman. You have the opportunity to Make A Change by signing this petition. You could Help to Save baby Usmans life. Twenty years ago this boy's chance of survival would have been slim, but advances in neonatal medicine can now mean a chance of life for infants born as early as 22 weeks. Baby Usman is desperately clinging to life, we need to sign this petition to stop Doctors from turning off his life support machine. No parent should have to go through this kind of desperation for their child. Baby Usmans parents are desperate to give him a chance of recovering. I can't imagine what pain they must be going through, we face many hardships in life..but this is the most difficult test for any parent to have to go through. The parents and family of baby Usman have shown so much strength and courage at this most difficult time and we hope and pray inshallah, Allah swt rewards them and we pray they remain strong at this arduous time. We are all hoping and praying for baby Usmans health, he is getting stronger and looking more healthier day by day. Baby Usmaan is a little soldier, a true fighter and he deserves a chance and absolutely nobody, has the right to take that away from him. So sign this petition and help Change a life.

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