Please start improving Kolkata's air quality! #LetKolkataBreathe

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We all know what is happening in Delhi. The city that's a close second is Kolkata.

If we don't take action today, we will choke tomorrow!

  1. On 17th January 2018, Kolkata was the most polluted city in the world!
  2. Some 70% of people in the city of Calcutta suffer from respiratory disorders only due to air pollution.
  3. You are breathing in air which has 3-5 times higher pollution levels than the ambient level.

There is no action being taken right now to solve this issue. Our mayor, Sovan Chatterjee, after that day, said: "Kolkata's air is the safest in the country for breathing."

You are more likely to die earlier and will suffer on your way out. Your children will face worse conditions if we don't act today!

This is preventable! There are steps we can take today to solve this problem. Why are we waiting for something terrible to happen? And, then we will take notice.

If we don't act today, we won't breathe tomorrow!