Help Our Building Get The Scaffolds Removed, Building Repairs and Police Support

Help Our Building Get The Scaffolds Removed, Building Repairs and Police Support

January 8, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Our Community is your Community 

We oppose the neglect in which our building and neighborhood are being served with. 

This and the unexplained scaffolding surrounding our apartments have welcomed the homeless to seek shelter in our hallways and rooftop, and use our stairwells and roof tops for prostitution. As well as drug activities in the numbers. Disrupting the peace, order and public safety in our building and surrounding neighborhood.

As authorities of this space we urge you to please act fast and consider the few suggestions proposed below.

Why is this important?

Our lobby door is consistently open to anyone wandering off the street because the drug movers and buyers have already found themselves comfortable enough to “pop the lock” any time it is fixed. Alongside the reality of this Pandemic, Elderly or immunocompromised tenants cannot even step out for their mail without having to risk their health and possibly their life, due to the unmasked stranger in the elevator who does NOT live in the building. We will also emphasize that a great percentage of children do in fact live in these homes and are subjected to this toxic and dangerous environment. 

What are our requests?

Authority presence should be visible to minimize community disorders i.e. local patrol
Brighter street lights 
CCTV and/or visual surveillance
Displacement of unexplained scaffolding 

Our focus is on 251 East 3rd Street, New York NY 10009 - the roof, stairwells, lobby, the space surrounding the entrance of the building, and the connecting structures between this building and 290 East 4th Street. Including the entire 4 corners of 3rd Street and Avenue C!

These negligible but feasible changes will redesign our daily lives and promote safety!

We, involved people in, Our Community is your Community will do our part and move forward with organizing our neighbors/neighboring businesses and continue gathering signatures with the petition attached below.

Our objective is to retain our previous sense of working class families and a peacefully running society. We hope that whatever resolutions we come to with our building/neighborhood can inspire other developments across the 5 boroughs to fight for change. To envision the beginning of a New NYCHA. And a positive long term solution to the city's overwhelming homeless and drug addiction problem. 

We thank you in advance for your signature and support.

For any questions or concerns, please feel safe to contact

Your inquires will remain anonymous.



Support now
Signatures: 731Next Goal: 1,000
Support now