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Please Sign Our Petition For the Sake Of these Stray Dogs we have in Our Country Of Trinidad and Tobago

These Animals are Helpless and  Innocent, they deserve better than to be "Dumped" in Our Streets, Beaches, Market, Road Side and Every Where in Society. They are seeking for Food,Shelter,Love and kindness, instead they are more likely to be ran over by a vehicle, Chased by a Pedestrian or even Harmed. If the Female Dogs can be Spaded, it will definately lessen the Population of Stray Dogs. These Animals cannot Speak, We are the Only Ones who can make a Difference for them. Please Join me and voice your Opinion to Help these Poor Stray Animals who are being suffered in this Country Of Trinidad and Tobago.

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  • We appeal to the Prime Minister,The Government of Trinidad and Tobago

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