Governor Glenn Youngkin- Khali Pyatt Does Not Deserve To Die In Prison

Governor Glenn Youngkin- Khali Pyatt Does Not Deserve To Die In Prison

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At the age of 19 years old, my brother was sentenced to an 81-year sentence in the City of Hampton, Virginia. He is now 42 years old. He has been incarcerated for the past 22 years.

In his youth, he made a costly mistake and followed the wrong crowd of older guys. Khali was present during the crime but he DID NOT do what he was accused/convicted of.

Unfortunately, he was not able to afford appropriate legal counsel and it cost him and his family dearly. Ineffective counsel, bad legal advice, and conflicting stories, led to numerous constitutional violations and other errors in his case that we are working to correct.

My brother was given an 81-year prison sentence, while others who were involved in the crime were only given between 0-15 years and have long been released from prison.

He has accepted responsibility for his actions, and doesn’t  deserve the harsh sentencing he received by a jury. Virginia has since removed a jury’s ability hand out sentencing due to their history of over sentencing in the past. But this does not help Khali’s circumstances.

Since his incarceration, Khali has educated himself, stayed out of trouble and maintained a strong connection to his family and positive influences in the community. He founded a non- profit organization called Road to Justice, to help other youths avoid the pitfalls that led to his incarceration and Ron help those like him re-enter society.

Khali wrote and published a short story that is being used in juvenile detention centers as a teaching tool, while also helping to mentor younger inmates in his facility.

My brother is very remorseful for his participation in the crime that led him to prison.He’s spent the last 22 years paying his debt.

Governor Youngkin, we are asking you to allow my brother to re-enter society. The mistakes of a 19 year old should not determine the rest of his life. If he wasn’t mentally mature enough to purchase liquor, cigarettes or a firearm, why was he expected to be mentally mature enough to understand the long-term affects of his actions. My brother has been focused the last 22 years on rehabilitation and making amends for his actions as a youth to ensure when he re-enters society he does not make the same mistakes.

Unfortunately, Khali is not eligible for parole; therefore, the only way he will regain his freedom is if Governor Youngkin grants him a conditional pardon.

Khali’s own words:

“I am a son, brother, father, and uncle who is ready to step out into the world and make a positive difference. I have stable housing and employment waiting for me when I am released and will be a contributing member of society. I will be a law abiding, tax paying citizen whom shall not repeat the same mistakes I made in my youth.”

By signing this petition you will help us show Governor Glenn Youngkin that Khali deserves a second chance and granting Khali’s pending conditional pardon is the right thing to do.

We are humbly asking you to sign our petition in support of my brother’s request for a conditional pardon /early release based on the youthful mistakes of his past, errors in his original case, positive behavior while incarcerated, and length of time served.

Thank you for your support!

3,857 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!