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Keep James D. Hereford II in Angola!

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His name is James D. Hereford, on May 20, 1986, Hereford brutality beat and shot the victim 11 times and disposed the body of Margaret Nowell Scott in a ditch near the bayou at the end of Nelson Road in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Margaret was the mother of three beautiful little girls, and because of this man, these three girls grew up with only the few memories and pictures of their beautiful mother. Now the State of Louisiana has sent a letter to the family stating that James D. Hereford II: Doc # 115393 DOB 9/8/1964 has requested a commutation of sentence. His hearing is on April 12, 2017. It is wrong to allow a cold blooded killer to even attempt to be released on parole for the sake of any reason at all; especially when his case file clearly reads that he will not be able to not be granted a suspension of sentence, probation, or parole! Hereford's family is requesting and pushing for his parole hearing and release. In the unfortunate event that Hereford is released from a maximum security prison in Louisiana(Angola), he would be living right here in Lake Charles, LA, where the family of the victim are from, and we would have a cold blooded killer loose on the streets to only do it over again. We have enough violence and crime on the streets of our community as it is. Not only that, but this entire family would be in great danger if this man is released from prison where he was originally sentence life, with no parole. For the sake of this family, and all of the safety for the people of our city, I am asking you to please sign this petition so our voices can be heard! I've listed in this petition all of the information you will need to write to the Louisiana Parole Board to let them know we are speaking for the victims, and he is not speaking for himself! We, as a community, will not allow another murderer on the streets of Lake Charles, LA!

To read the case file for Hereford, click on this link:

Louisiana Parole Board Contact Information:

You can email the Parole Board at:

You can also send a letter to:                                                           Louisiana Parole Board                                                                            PO Box 94304                                                                                        Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9304

Please be sure you include his full name, DOB, and DOC# when emailing or writing the Louisiana Parole Board.

James D. Hereford                                                                                     DOB 9/8/1964                                                                                        DOC# 115393


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