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Le'Taxione™ (Aka Ernest Carter) is serving a life sentence without parole in Washington State,on despite the fact that the courts have held he is not a "Three Striker" and that his sentence is unlawful,nevertheless,the Washington Supreme Court held that they are powerless to correct this error.Le'Taxione™ is now seeking a commutation of his sentence from The Governor JAY Inslee.

Please take 5 minutes of your time to write to the Governor Jay Inslee to release Le'Taxione™,lend our support and help us to correct this gross miscarriage of justice.

Nobody should be wrongfully imprisoned for even a day,Le'TAXIONE™ has already served nearly 20 years behind bars,and it has already 52 years old

Le'Taxione™ is serving an illegal life sentence without parole

The courts agreed,but they held that it is too late to fix this error.

The only remaining option is to petition the Washington Governor for clemency.

Serving an admittedly illegal life sentence without parole,is an real nightmare!

Le'Taxione™ should not have been sentenced under the Three Strikes Law.


The fact that he has spent 12 years longer than he should have in custody, cannot be denied by the justice system, and we-without reticence- publicize the letter of admonishment received by his previous attorney L.O. Stomsvik,on May 9,2005,


When one has been sentenced to"three strikes" he is not allowed to take any classes that would benefit him in society because he is not expected to be released back into society. 

Clemency is based upon one demonstrating what is deemed to be"extraordinary" circumstances- reform and transformation. 

Though that is impossible to do when you're not allowed to take classes- this is what he have accomplished!!

What else do we have to do to bring about the release of a man who has rehabilitated himself,developed a recognized and appreciated Gangology101:Gang Violence,he have writting 14 books published 10-3 which are childrens books addressing gang and youth violence-bullying-and self image/self concept-donating proceeds to youth service organization.

Founded the N'STEP gang violence prevention and intervention curriculum and taught the N'STEP classes in which 13 students completed the course- receiving a letter of congratulations from the Seattle city counsel man Larry Gosset(Jan. 2007)

N'STEP curriculum was named in the study: Security Threat Groups In Washington State Prisons: Exploratory Search For Best Practice (2008 p.56).

Received certification in Physical Fitness And Nutrition from Stratford Career Institute.He also received the National Community Service Award from Hot Springs Rural Network And Gospel Fest (2011)

Founded and am President of the Diamonds In The Rough (DITR) non profit organization- incorporated in the state of Washington.

Founded the Community Opportunity Assistance with Correctional Help and Economic Services (COACHES)-(2014)

Registered N' STEP LLC in the state of Las Vegas ( 2015)

Donated childrens book to the non- profit Otto Brand Activism.

Supply the Hard Knox Gang Prevention-located in Colorado-with curriculum to address gang violence (Mark Salazar).

Completed Inside Out Dads Anger Management- Victims Awareness- Bio Hazard and taught the Redemption class.

Registered the N' STEP LCC News letter with the library of Congress. (ISSN 2381-425x).

It has cost to our founder so many years of his life,but he is the first to be grateful to God that he was able to use them wisely. 

To keep LE'TAXIONE™ in prison this costs the State of Washington $109.42 per day to keep him in custody beyond the December 11, 2016,and need to added to the cost to have keeping him incarcerated 12 years longer than required. 

The clemency board returned a 4-0 decision in December 11, 2015 

BUT Le'Taxione™ still not released after receiving clemency on December 11/2015

And we are in September 07/2016 and LE'TAXIONE™ still not release.....!


Want to read more about LE'TAXIONE™,here is some links to look at


Here the link to write the email to the Governor and ask the Governor Jay Inslee!

Tell the Governor that you are aware of the clemency decision and the cost to house an inmate, and ask for Le'Taxione's™ release.


Few minutes of your time to assist Le'Taxione™ to be release. 

The Governor Inslee can't return time to Le'Taxione™,but he can simply sign a document and correct this injustice. 

Please think about it,the time it took for you to sign our petition,you will change the life to LE TAXIONE™..!

Thank you for your support.

Kind Regards 

FTH voluntary support to LE'TAXIONE™ (Aka Ernest Carter)

 At September 07/2016 Le'Taxione™ still not released after receiving clemency on December 11/2015

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