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Gender Equality means Men & Women are treated as equals paid fairly and not judged due to gender. 

Hello my name is Brooke McAllister I am now 12 years of age and a Canadian resident I am a Child Activist and I believe in equality.  I Hope you take the time to read my petition over and hear what I have to say. Today I am going to educate you about Gender Equality in Canada, And teach you about the issues regarding Gender Equality happening in our Everyday lives and how our civilization doesn't realize the affects of Gender inequality and how most people do it themselves, These facts are all recent facts happening within the past 2 years in Canada.

The Problem

 Gender Inequality has been a huge problem Globally for decades & Canada is one of the many countries in this world that has so much Gender Inequality whether its Pay or Simply a Woman Playing Football or a Man Cooking Gender Inequality has become a problem regardless and it needs to stop, Here are some of my examples of why we need to act now.

  1. The Number of men scientists in Canada.  75% of men in Canada are scientists and 25% of scientists are women.
  2.  Pay in Canada.  In May 2017, women were paid 87 cents compared to men's 1.00$ even though they worked the exact same shifts yet they were paid inequally.
  3. Government Chairs. One of the biggest problems that in Canada currently is how 27 % of women in the house of commons have a chair and the rest belong to men this is currently.
  4. Social and Political Events. An online survey found 7/10 Canadian women feeling inequality in social and political events.
  5.  Insecurity in women. Another online survey found 6/10 women thinking its hard to see them self as a leader, This is most likely because most people in power are men, Think about it have you ever seen a woman as prime minister? This inequality causes women to loose their self esteem and feel more insecure.

  6. The Pink Tax. As of April 26 2016 Women pay 43% more than men for personal care products( shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, deodorant, etc) simply due to their Gender. 

In Conclusion,

These reasons I have brought to your attention today can lead to insecurity and people loosing their confidence in themselves as I mentioned in Question 5. These actions cannot be fixed unless we make a change, we cannot live in a country where people are feeling in equal or are not getting a fair pay. Which is why I am fighting for Gender Equality so we can get equality for all in Canada. Please take the Time to help me make a change all across Canada and gain the Gender Equality we deserve, Canada should not live in an outdated siociety, if we can update and accept so many things nowadays why is this so hard to change? If You Agree with me take the time to share , sign , & help support Gender Equality throughout Canada so we can live freely without being held back due to the gender we were born with, or having to pay extra for health care products due to people being a female. Thank you for reading and please help Gender Equality


Sincerely yours,

Brooke McAllister, Founder of Little Rights

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