Please Say No To Glue Traps!

It’s so important to stop the sale of glue traps because they are extremely cruel and inhumane. The animal that is caught, be it bird, mammal or reptile, cannot escape once landing on the trap. This means that they either have the choice of starving to death or dying from dehydration, or chewing their own limbs off in the case of a mammal or reptile. There is no escape for a bird. Domestic animals often get caught on these traps too. There is no law that determines where a consumer may lay the traps outside or inside, so literally anything can be caught.

Glue traps need to be banned; they are vile torturing traps that have no place in modern America.

Lowes stores stopped selling them because of public pressure and animal agencies working together. I want to see all Ace Hardware Corporation stores remove glue traps from their shelves and announce that they will no longer be selling them in any of their stores. These traps are very toxic not only to wild and domestic animals but humans too.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Ace Hardware Corp. Attn: Executive Team 2200 Kensington Ct. Oak Brook, IL 60523-2100
    David Ziefler (Chairman of the board) & Ray Griffith (President and CEO)
  • | Ace Care Center
    Kelly M.
  • Store Manager at Ace Hardware store, Takoma Park, MD
  • Owner of Ace Hardware store in Takoma Park, MD.
    Gina Schaefer

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