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Please save the French Wolves

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French Government proposes loosening the restrictions on the killing of wolves


Under a draft decree laying down the conditions and limits within which exceptions to the prohibitions of destruction may be granted by the prefects on the wolf, a public consultation is being held until April 11, 2011.


There is therefore urgent to act NOW!

If this order were to come into effect, it would mean the total destruction of the wolf in France, because anti-wolf people would hide behind the shooting of the wolf as a means of defense and prevention of herd destruction to carry out their grisly task.

Indeed, ASPAS denounces the very principle of this proposal of the shooting of the wolf claiming that it will not solve any problems because:

• These measures aim to limit the expansion of the wolf and not, to reduce damages to the herds;
• the concept of "important" injury is questionable: 1 attack in the year or 2 attacks over the past two years;
• the concept of "protected herd " is not precisely defined;
• by shooting one wolf, haphazardly, this will only increase the risk of destabilizing the organization of the pack and ultimately to increase the "damages" to the herds;
• It will be now possible to allow the shooting of wolves around herds even though they are not protected and there is no damage, but only because they are close to a herd;
• shooting of wolves may take place outside the presence of cattle, so it is not designed to prevent damage;
• the wolf remains a protected species, the operations of shooting should not be entrusted to hunters, but should remain the responsibility of the state and its services. However, hunters will now be allowed to participate in the shooting operations.

It is also worth remembering:

• that the wolf plays (with other large predators) the role of dispersion on wild ungulates (deer, roe deer, chamois ...) and consequently on the reduction of forest damage (browsing, debarking) and on forest regeneration ;
• that it self-regulates;
• that its presence has eliminated attacks from stray dogs;
• that he has an undeniable value on developing eco-tourism in mountainous regions;
• and that he is unwittingly an ally of the hunter, as it ensures the good health status of populations of ungulates and other species known as "game".


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